Aero Domain Transfer

Aero Domain Transfer

Aero Domain Transfer - Namesbeyond

Some of the Domain Transfer procedures

If you are aware of changing your Domain hosting provider, Namesbeyond recommend altering your Domain servers to your New Domain owner, before you start the move Once the transfer has been initiated, you may not be ready to amendment the name servers till the domain has been transferred to your new registrar.

If you are able to transfer your domain

1. Check that atleast Sixty days have passed since you registered or last moved your domain.
In agreement with ICANN rules, you will not move your domain to another provider until sixty days after you register or transfer your domain.

2. Check Whether the Domain is unlocked
For your Domain security, locked domains cannot be transferred. If your domain is locked, Check your Domain Control Panel and click the Edit Domain Locking link

3. Check for administrative contact emailing address.
Now your new Domain provider will send an email to your domain administrative contact to confirm your domain transfer. If you cannot receive the confirmation, you will not be ready to complete the transfer!

4. Disable personal (private) Domain Registration.
Personal Domain Registration is an optional service that masks individual data that would else be visible in the public WHOIS registry — data that encompasses the administrative contact emailing address cited above. To confirm that you receive your new Domain provider's email, we advice you simply to disable this feature.

5. Get your authorization code.
To find your authorization code, Go to your Domain Control panel, and then click on and check for your Authorization Code link. On the subsequent page, you will see your domain authorization code. Print this code, as you will need it to give your new Domain supplier.

6. Contact your new Domain Hosting provider.
When you are prepared, contact your new supplier to start the transfer method. Make sure to possess your authorization code handy, as your new Domain supplier like it to verify the move. If you have made any alterations in steps 2–4 overhead, we advice you to wait a minimum of 24 hours before contacting your new Domain provider. This May take time for your updates to be recognized.

7. Cancel your plan.
After your Domain transfer is complete, we send you associate email to confirm the transfer (you may also check the status of your new Domain supplier - it may take not more than 9 days) When you receive email confirmation, you might cancel your old plan.

Checks below for our Aero Domain Transfer Details are as follows

Authcode (Transfer)
Authcode required
Transfer fee

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